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Resolving "An Error Was Encountered While Opening A Window" errors

Lotus Notes has a plethora of more or less (usually the latter) legible and understandable error messages. One of them I encountered the other day. The situation is as follows: a client of mine told me Notes had crashed, and she was now unable to restart Notes due to a rather cryptic error message: “An Error Was Encountered While Opening A Window”.
Now if we only knew why. The problem, it turns out, is that a process called NTASKLDR is still running. Knowing this, we also know how to resolve the problem. The solution is to kill the process called NTASKLDR. Open the task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, open the processes tab, find the process and end it.


  1. Kai Benjaminsen

    This error message will also occur if the user has Lotus Notes on QuickLaunch and double clicks to start the program.

    But then you just close one of the program windows, and everythings OK.

  2. Cax

    Takk for den, Kai. Det gjorde susen.

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