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Toolkit essentials – Software tools part one – ISO files

This article was been published more than 6months ago. The information contained herein may be outdated.

Like their physical counterparts, software tools are absolutely necessary for successful IT support. I usually divide them up into two categories; CD images and executables. The first are usually distributed in the form of iso-files. I usually carry the following with me, along with blank CDs, so that I can make the tools I need to:

  • ERD Commander
    • ERD Commander is a tool made by SysInternals. It has been distributed to enterprise clients, and I have not seen it online as a download.
  • OphCrack
    • OphCrack is a Windows Password Cracker that has been nice to have around a few times. It does exactly what you’d think it does; it cracks Windows user account passwords.
  • Super Grub Disk
    • Super Grub Disc is a neat tool to repair MBR and GRUB.
  • Ubuntu
    • Ubuntu is one of the most prolific Linux distributions available. I use it for disc diagnostics and data retrieval.
  • Ultimate Boot CD
    • UBCD is a toolkit unto itself, and has diagnostic tools to last you a lifetime. It has saved me a few times, and allowed me to diagnose errors correctly at others.
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic

I usually carry these iso-files with me on a memory stick. That way, I don’t need to worry about losing CD’s, and I’m always able to make more tools should I need them.

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