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Resolving “Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API” errors

This article was been published more than 6months ago. The information contained herein may be outdated.

This error message has had me running around for a while now. Some of my users are part of the salesforce, running SAP Mobile Sales on Windows XP computers with Microsoft SQL Server. It’s a big and complicated setup, but it has been running stably for years now. The problem only occurred with users running recently set up computers, and only on a specific model.
Naturally, this had me thinking the problem was hardware. I even went so far as to upgrade a user from a lower spec model computer to a higher spec model. That actually solved the problem, though it wasn’t the solution. Seeing more users report the same error, I concluded that the problem was unlikely to be a problem with a specific model, as most of them had different model computers.
Using most support tech’s best friend, Google, I browsed for the error message (easier said than done, as the computers are set up with a Norwegian edition of Windows XP), and finally found the solution I was after. It was contained in an official Windows XP knowledgebase article; number 909095.
Like most enigma, once a solution has been found, the story rather fizzles out. So, luckily, too with this one. The knowledge base article referred me to a specific update, and having installed that update, the problem disappeared.

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