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The power of remembrance: TK

A while back, one of the blogs I read on a regular basis TK had an article about the authors’ own greatest weakness when it comes to writing, namely getting too caught up in research TK. While he admitted that it made for deep articles, it also meant that he sometimes lost the ideas in his mind.
That is, until he found this article TK by Cory Doctorow, and in turn wrote this article TK on the same subject himself. The idea goes something like this; instead of dropping what you are doing, go do the research, get the links and put them in the article, simply use the two letters t and k, in that order, and go on writing.
When you’re done writing, you simply go back and search for TK, do the research that you want, add the information and links, and hey presto, you’ve finished article, without losing your train of thought.
I have been doing something similar, but much more rime consuming, namely typing, in capital letters, what I needed to do, e.g. like so: ENTER LINK HERE. While fairly visible, it did mean that I lost these things, and sometimes have published blog posts with these markings in them.
For this article, and a few TK others TK I’ve written lately, I’ve been using the TK technique, and it has been great. In this article, to illustrate my point, I’ve left the markings in. Hopefully, this will make me a better writer in the long term.

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