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What I like about iOS 7

Last week’s post was dedicated to a look at what I think Apple should have done in iOS 7. Now for a look at what exites me about iOS 7:

  1. Control Center
    • No more fiddling about, opening Settings to turn on or off airplane mode, wireless network, bluetooth and sleep mode. About time they did it, still, better late than never. Here’s hoping that it you can turn on or off what is actually displayed. Not likely, but I can dream, can’t I?
  2. AirDrop
    • Depending on how it will work, this may actually be the answer to the main part of my first gripe. If it means that I can transfer music files from my Mac to the phone and back, seamlessly and wirelessly, that pretty much solves my issue. That said, I would like to see this functionality for all users.
  3. Pretty redesign
    • As I said last week, I can take or leave the redesign. I mean it. However, since it’s here, I’m chuffed about it; for the most part it looks like they have done a very god job of it.
  4. Automatic app updates
    • This is basic functionality in Android, and like the Control Center functionality, it should have been available ages ago. Again, though; better late than never.
  5. Activation lock
    • Along with remote wipe, having an activation lock is a cool security feature that I like.

So there you go. There might be more that I have neglected, but these are the highlights, and I thing they are pretty significant advances for iOS. The question remains, though: is it enough to stave off the android danger?

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