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Overcoming the Unity bug when running Shadowrun Returns on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

This article was been published more than 6months ago. The information contained herein may be outdated.

Last Thursday, Shadowrun Returns was released, to an eagerly expectant group of kickstarter backers, myself included. Imagine my disappointment when I had installed it, and it crashed during startup. As it turns out, I was not alone in this. Apparently, it is a known bug in Unity which causes the issue. Here is how to fix it:

  • Browse to ~/Library/Preferences/ and find the file called unity.Harebrained Schemes.Shadowrun.plist
  • Open it in a text editor of your choice (I used XCode).
  • Convert to XML (Tools > Convert > From binary plist to XML)
  • Change the setting (integer) for Screenmanager Is Fullscreen mode and Settings.IsFullScreen to 0
  • Save the file

Here is how the result looks in XCode:

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