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Unable to uninstall Citrix Receiver or Online Plugin

From time to time, users call in, reporting problems opening applications or desktops in Citrix. One of the many items in a support technician’s bag of tricks, is the old uninstall and reinstall routine. There are many reasons why this can be a good idea, among them that removing legacy applications that have been superseded by new versions can help resolve conflicts. Sometimes, however, the MSI files are damaged or just plain missing.

I have seen this particularly often with Citrix Receiver and Online Plugin. Luckily, Citrix has created the Receiver Cleanup Utility, which has yet to fail removing any and all versions of Citrix Receiver and Online Plugin. Simply download, unzip and run it, allowing it to uninstall the Citrix software installed. Then install a new version of Citrix Receiver, restart your browser and try again.

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