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Month: February 2015

Changing permissions for all subfolders (Windows)

A user called in, saying that his unit had been moved to a different department, and that they had all lost access to their work folders. I knew of the change, and moved the folders to the new unit file share. That should have been it, and would have been, except for one thing; when moving folders, you do not change the permissions. As a result, the users were unable to open the folders. Luckily, this is simple enough to solve. Here’s how I did it:

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#TBT: The Throwback Thursday project

#TBT and Throwback Thursday has become something of a thing of late. The concept is simple enough; bring old posts and content back to the front page, and help people find your quality content. For me, this project means both that I look through my old posts, some of which are still very relevant, and pick them out, to repost them. They will all be titled #TBT, and can be found under the TBT category.

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TeamViewer on Windows: Elevate session to have administrative permissions

One of the Support Analyst’s most powerful tools is the ability to remotely view and control the end user’s computer. One of many tools that lets you do this, is TeamViewer. If User Account Control (UAC) using secure desktop is enabled, that secure desktop causes remote sessions without administrative privileges to go black when the UAC prompt pops up. To get around this, you need to launch TeamViewer with elevated permissions. Here’s how:

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