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TeamViewer on Windows: Elevate session to have administrative permissions

One of the Support Analyst’s most powerful tools is the ability to remotely view and control the end user’s computer. One of many tools that lets you do this, is TeamViewer. If User Account Control (UAC) using secure desktop is enabled, that secure desktop causes remote sessions without administrative privileges to go black when the UAC prompt pops up. To get around this, you need to launch TeamViewer with elevated permissions. Here’s how:

  1. Connect to the end user’s session ID
  2. Do not enter the password, instead click the “Advanced” button:
    Click Advanced
  3. If prompted, select “Switch to Windows authentification”:
    Switch to Windows authentication
  4. Log on with a user that has administrative privileges:
    Log in with administrative privileges
  5. Wait while the TeamViewer session is relaunched with administrative privileges:
    Wait while the TeamViewer session is relaunched with administrative privilege

Congratulations; you now have a TeamViewer session with elevated permissions

One Comment

  1. Teamviewer is good. Additionally, you may also try R-HUB remote support servers for remotely accessing PC or MAC computers from any android or iOS device. It works on Android, MAC, Windows, iOS, Unix (browser based), Linux (browser based) etc.

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