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#BTS: Another number puzzle

This article was been published more than a year ago. The information may be outdated.

The third brain teaser saturday is here, and here, for your puzzling pleasure, is this week’s brain teaser (feel free to post your solution in the comments):


That all over and done with, here’s the solution for last week’s puzzle:

The answer is 200. I arrived at this answer by dividing each number after the equals sign, with the one in front of it. I quickly realized that for each increase of one in front of the equals sign, the increase in the multiplier (with which you multiply the number in front of the equals sign) was two. For example, 98/7=14. Following right along, we can solve all the way up to 11 (and beyond): 8*16=128 9*18=162 10*20=200, 11*22=242.

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