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BTS: Details matter

This week’s puzzle is a bit different, but I liked it. As usual, feel free to post suggestions in the comments; the solution will be up next week.

A crime happened at Caraway Street. The main suspect is a man named Patrick Jones. It was said that a man had been walking along the pathway when he was suddenly shot in the stomach. The suspect had brown hair, blue eyes, and wore a baggy suit, just like Patrick Jones’s.

Patrick was asked to tell the story right from the beginning. “Well,” said Patrick, “I was just hanging around the park when I saw this man walking along the pathway. Suddenly, a guy came up from behind him and shot him! I ran home as fast as I could.” The policemen asked him to give a description of the murderer.

Patrick said, “He had a red moustache, red hair, and a baggy suit on.”

“I think this man is telling a lie,” said one of the policemen. How did he know?


As I said, last week’s puzzle featured a format we have seen before. Here’s my solution:

The answer is 90.  arrived at this answer by dividing each number after the equals sign, with the one in front of it. A pattern quickly emerged; this time, the multiplier was always equal to the number in front of the equals sign plus one. This gives us the following solutions as we go on: 7=56, 8=72 and finally, 9=90.

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