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Month: October 2015

Numbers: Limit number of decimal places shown

I use two productivity suites on a regular basis; Microsoft Office, and Apple Productivity Apps (formerly known as iWork), leaning towards the latter for most things. One of the things I do, is create spreadsheets with interdependencies, so that if I change one input, the output at the other end changes, too. One annoying thing about this, is that, by default, Numbers shows a large number of decimal places.

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On understanding a product

In a previous post, I said (about modern news outlets) “The result is a “product” that has no chance at measuring up …” I feel it is worthwhile to take a moment to discuss the understanding of what the product actually is. Ostensibly, the product of news reporting are news articles. If that had been true, however, clickbait and listicles would not be allowed to be; in that understanding, they are not only not good at delivering the product, they are outrageously bad at it. What, then, is the product?

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