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Month: January 2016

Risk estimation: Cognitive dissonance

If there is one thing that people are notoriously bad at, it is estimating risk. There is nothing new about this. People are more afraid of being killed in a terrorist attack than in a traffic accident, despite the odds being significantly higher for the latter. One of the many reasons for this is the fact that news coverage impacts the perceived risk – and there can be little doubt that, due to the massive news coverage given to terrorism, the perceived risk of dying in a terrorist attack is higher than that of dying in a traffic accident.

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Reviewed: Tesla Model S part 2: Delivery and first impressions

Following on from the ordering and pre-delivery review, here are my first impressions of the Model S. Once the car was off-loaded in Drammen, our DS contacted me, and we settled on a delivery time that suited us. Arriving at the Drammen Service Center, we were greeted by the staff, offered coffee and a seat while our DS finished up with another customer. Our DS handed us over to another associate who handled the handover.

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