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Month: April 2016

Facebook adds longed-for admin tool

Back in september of last year, I lamented the lack of what I view as a crucial admin tool on Facebook; the option to close a thread for comments while leaving the original post there for everyone to read. Since then, this is something I have found myself wanting time and again, as I have been forced to delete entire tScreenshot 2016-04-21 00.08.38hreads that, though interesting, simply created too much of a heated debate.

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GoPro Studio: Video editing basics

Action cams are made – more or less literally – to create content for streaming video services, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and while you could certainly just upload your raw footage straight to such services, a better option is very likely to be to edit them before you do so. For the time being, my needs are very simple, and I am able to get what I want done using just GoPro Studio, GoPro’s free video editing suite.

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How to shoot time lapses on GoPro Session

In last week’s review of the GoPro Session I mentioned that the Session can record time-lapses, as well as regular videos. As I spent a frustrating amount of time trying to set it to record time-lapses (each and every one of them failing, I might add), I wanted to put it out there, for people to find when they google GoPro Session Timelapse.

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