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GoPro Studio: Video editing basics

Action cams are made – more or less literally – to create content for streaming video services, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and while you could certainly just upload your raw footage straight to such services, a better option is very likely to be to edit them before you do so. For the time being, my needs are very simple, and I am able to get what I want done using just GoPro Studio, GoPro’s free video editing suite.

The first step is to import (1) the footage into GoPro studio, select (2) the sections we want to keep, add (3) them to the conversion list and convert (4) them, all of which is done in the View & Trim pane:

GoPro Studio View and Trim

Next up is the actual editing of the video. Having made selections in your recorded footage, you can now arrange them as you want, and add text and sound to them. All of this is done in the Edit pane. When you switch to that, you’re asked if you want to apply an editing template – I generally leave this be.

On the left hand side (1), you have the files you’ve exported, (and you can add more files, both video and audio, should you wish to do so), as well as the option to add titles. In the middle (2), you have a preview of the video in progress, and below that (3) you have the editing track – this is where you add your videos, title cards (of which you have two), and audio tracks (of which you also have two). On the right hand side, you have playback options, presets, and more:

GoPro Studio Edit

Once you’re happy with your edit, you can export the video. I generally like to export it to the same resolution that I started out with – 1080p. A larger resolution doesn’t make sense; you don’t gain anything. Smaller resolution may make sense – provided that you need to reduce the file size.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve made, and you’ve exported it successfully, you’re ready to upload it to whatever service or services you want.

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