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How to shoot time lapses on GoPro Session

In last week’s review of the GoPro Session I mentioned that the Session can record time-lapses, as well as regular videos. As I spent a frustrating amount of time trying to set it to record time-lapses (each and every one of them failing, I might add), I wanted to put it out there, for people to find when they google GoPro Session Timelapse.

(To be fair; this information can be found in both the Quick Start and User Manual documents that accompany the camera, but I’m going to guess I’m not alone in not being an avid reader of those…)

The Session has two buttons. To enter the settings menu, you use the little one on the rear, while using the top, round, one to make selections. From this menu system you can quickly and easily change the recording settings of both videos and time lapses. You might also get the impression that setting the settings for a time lapse, sets the camera to record those, but you would be mistaken.

To record video, you simply press the button on top quickly, after which the camera will turn on, beep three times, and start recording. To record time lapses, you press the button on top for about three seconds, after which it will turn on, beep twice, and start recording, this time in time lapse mode.

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