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GoPro Studio: Adding some flair to your videos

Two weeks ago, I showed you the basics of working in GoPro Studio. This week, I want to show you a couple of techniques that I use to add some flair to my videos.

First off; I’ve made a one-second file that is simply a mesh grid background. I like to use it as the opening card. The way I did this, was to import a jpeg of the mesh grid, convert it, then use the process I showed you last time to create a video. I exported it in 1080p, and can now use it for all my videos going forward.

What’s more, I like to use the fade function to transition from my title background to the video proper. To do this, I change the transition from a straight cut, to a fade, by clicking the transition button in the editing track:

Transition - Cut or fade

The difference can be seen in these two videos:

I’m sure you’ll agree that the second one looks significantly smoother, and I certainly prefer it to the former one. Not to say that each type of transition does not have a place; I think both are useful, but when transitioning from a dark to a light clip – or vice versa – a fade does the job much better – or so I think.

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