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Reviewed: GoPro Studio

Recently, I’ve covered how to use GoPro Studio; first the basics, and next how to add a bit of flair to your video. In writing those posts, I’ve also thought quite a bit about what I like about GoPro studio, as well as what I don’t like. Here are my thoughts.

As of this being written, GoPro Studio is absolutely free of charge, no purchase of anything what so ever is required. Using it is a fairly intuitive process, and the end results are usually pretty decent. For someone just starting out making videos, I think it’s an excellent tool, such as it is.

What it is, is limited. You have a single video track, two title tracks, and two audio tracks. Done and dusted. It lets you trim, edit, and mix your videos. Beyond what I covered in my previous posts, there are a few other things you can do in GoPro studio, such as speed up or slow down your clip (typically done on import), adding templates, or adding presets, but that’s mostly it.

Sure, there are other solutions out there, some free, and some not. Buy a Mac, and you’ll get iMovie included, which certainly offers more tools. But for what it is, I like it a lot, and I would recommend you take a look at using it.

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