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Month: July 2016

Changing it up, again.

Since changing to Alchem back in Q1, there have been a few things that bothered me about it, and I’ve been looking for a replacement for some time now. The other day, I came across this one, called Latte. It does many of the same things that Alchem did, but better.

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Understanding a product revisited

I would like to revisit my thoughts on understanding the product of news outlets. Some time ago, an acquaintance, who works for a news outlet posted a picture of a newspaper article to his Facebook feed, stating that “…this is journalism. You can’t get it on social media – or on blogs for that matter. Journalism at its best is both critical and supportive of society at the same time…”

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On Tesla and Autopilot

There have been a few incidents of Teslas involved in accidents, where critics (in some cases including the driver of the car) claim that the Autopilot is to blame. In response to questions I’ve received about my opinions about these accidents, I would like to point out a few things, as well as offer some opinions:

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