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Month: August 2016

Changing it up, yet again

I know that it has been a very short time indeed since I last changed the theme, but I have not been completely happy with Latte, either. In particular, the fact that it has too much white space on either side of the posts when viewed on a large monitor has bothered me, but also the size of the header image, neither of which can be changed on Latte.

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On the necessity for strong encryption to remain legal

Some time ago, I had yet another induhvidual claim that some policy of the security establishment was only bad for criminals, and that those who had nothing to hide also had nothing to fear. I can’t find the original context, but I am fairly certain it had something to do with US authorities and their bumbling handling of the now infamous San Bernadino iPhone. Whatever the context was, the induhvidual in question praised Donald Trumps support of proposals to outlaw strong encryption methods, making the aforementioned argument.

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