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Resolving Error 1312 when mapping a folder on a network share

Some time ago, I was talking to a user on the phone, while remotely controlling their computer. I needed to connect to a folder on a network share as my admin account, rather than that of the logged-in user, but kept running into the following error:

Error 1312: A specified logon session does not exist.

It did not matter whether I was using the wizard to map to the share, or the command line; I kept getting the error message. After trying a number of combinations, I found a workaround. By first attempting to map the folder in which the folder was located (at which point I got the error message), I was next able to map the desired folder. I would also note that I was only able to make this work from the command line.

The commands look like this:

net use \\domain\folder /user:domain\domainadmin

net use \\domain\folder\actual folder /user:domain\domainadmin


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