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Outlook 2013: BCC in meeting requests

I had a user call in, who was unfamiliar with Office 2013, having only worked with previous versions of Office, and wanting to know how they could add a BCC recipient to the meeting request.

In Outlook 2013, Microsoft changed the nomenclature used when adding attendees to meeting requests. Where before there had been the usual options (To, CC, and BCC), there were now Required, Optional, and Resources:

This can cause issues for users unfamiliar with this change in nomenclature, as the nomenclature chosen can be confusing. Once you know how it is meant to work, however, it should be quite obvious. Required equates to “To”, Optional to “CC”, and Resources to “BCC”.

Microsoft notes that you can change the status of already added recipients by clickinh on the icon next to their name, and choosing Resource (Room or Equipment) in the drop-down.

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