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Month: October 2016

Apple Numbers: Controlling rounding

While I use Excel at work, I tend to use Numbers (part of the Apple Productivity Apps suite) at home. I have sheets that do a number of different things, most of them rife with macros and automatic functions. From time to time, I need to ensure that the result of a function either overstates or understates a result. This cannot be achieved when using the SUM function, so a different function must be used. Luckily, Numbers provides you three functions to achieve just this (as, I would assume, does Excel). They are called ROUND, ROUNDDOWN and ROUNDUP. Their syntax are the same:

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When in doubt, reboot

A common occurrence when contacting IT support, is that you are requested to reboot the computer, to see if that helps. From time to time, users are reluctant – or even unwilling – to do so, and ask why. The reason is very simple; experience has shown me, and many other IT professionals, that reboots help. Here’s a few examples from a single day at work:

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Which camera drone – a look at the changed market

Funny, isn’t it, when a new product, which changes the market arrives, another – from a competing brand – is not far behind? So, too, with camera drones (although I might add that the topic of this discussion came about a fair bit sooner than I had thought). At any rate, following GoPro’s announcement of the Karma drone (which I covered last week), DJi announced their new drone, the Mavic, which is specced and sized to compete in exactly that segment; small drones that easily pack into a backpack. Before I get into it, let me just say that I have not actually interacted with either, but I have read a fair number of articles on either, and base my comments on those.

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