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MacOS: Resolve “Where is FinderSyncAPIExtension?”

Since a software update some time ago, my Mac has been asking me “Where is FinderSyncAPIExtension?” with irregular intervals, and always following a reboot:


While I could simply hit “Cancel” to dismiss the question, the issue was annoying. It did not seem to affect any other services, however, and I left it alone, hoping that it would be fixed in a software update. As several system updates did not fix the issue however, I decided to look into the issue.

Checking around online, I quickly found that FinderSyncAPIExtension is part of Google Drive. Armed with this clue, I followed a hunch, and selected Google Drive from the list, then hitting “Choose”, which seems to have solved the issue.

One Comment

  1. Dan

    Thanks!! Fixed it for me too 🙂 Appreciate you taking the time to share the soluti0on.

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