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Facebook Groups: Asking prospective members questions

In last week’s post repeating my view on Facebook Groups, I didn’t mention a fairly new tool that group admins have; an option to ask up to three questions to prospective members. It’s found under Manage Groups -> Edit Group Settings, and the option looks as follows:

Membership requests:<br /> Learn more about people who want to join your group by asking them some questions. You can ask up to three questions, and only the admins and moderators will be able to see the answers.

When you click “Ask questions”, you get this dialog box:

Ask pending members some questions. They'll have up to 250 characters to answer each one, and only admins and moderators will see the answers.

Now, this is certainly a useful tool; it lets me as an admin communicate with prospective members, without the need to use Messenger. I used it to great effect in one group, and am looking into applying the lessons in other groups.

Useful though it is, it is not a good solution to the problem I highlighted last week. It requires an active change on the part of the group admin. While I certainly value how the groups I control are perceived, this is not always be the case, and it doesn’t actually address my original objection.

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