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15 years of WordPress

May 27th 2003 was a very important day in web and self-publishing history. It was the day of the very first WordPress release. Since then, WordPress has grown to become arguably the most prominent CMS (Content Management System) out there. It’s used to run such sites as the New York Times Company, the White House, and the Facebook Newsroom.

This site has been on WordPress since October, 2009, and I haven’t regretted making the move once. Though many competitors have come (and some gone), I haven’t really considered moving away because WordPress works so well for me, and has done ever since I made the move.

One of the reasons why I like WordPress, is that the hard work has already been done for me. Need SSL? There’s a plugin for that. Need to inject code into the headers? There’s a plugin for that, too. Need to set up two factor authentication? Guess what – there’s a plugin for that.

Happy anniversary to WordPress, and congratulations to the impressive achievement to parent company Automattic. My hope is that they will continue to deliver excellent quality and continual improvements to the code base for many, many years to come!

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