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Month: June 2018

Review: DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Back in 2016, I backed a kickstarter for a handheld three-axis gimbal for cellphones, to be delivered in 2017. I was eagerly anticipating the product, and was disappointed when delivery was delayed repeatedly. A year after the projected delivery date, and with features being cut by the manufacturer, I finally gave in and requested a refund from them. To my surprise, they acquiesced, and I went out to buy a different unit; the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. Here are my thoughts:

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Why I’m hosting my own blog

“Why host it yourself?” my acquaintance asked at some point in our discussion, where we’d been talking about hosting options for a website. “Why go through the hassle and cost of owning your own domain, maintaining the software, and the significantly reduced audience size?” I gave them a fairly short – if accurate – answer, and left it at that, but the question gnawed at me, and I started thinking…

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