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Month: July 2018

Batch replace file extension of all files in a folder

From time to time, I need to quickly change the file extension of all files in a folder. While there are tools that can do that for you (one of which I’ve written about previously), if you need to append the same file extension to all files in a folder, using the command line in Windows can be just as quick. Here’s how:

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Spend it to save it, or: do it right the first time

When performing a task, one will often be in the position to choose either doing something quickly, or doing something right. In many cases, either example is fine, as the job gets done satisfactorily. Still, I believe that you are better off with doing it right each and every time. Now, before you think I am preaching about my own level of perfection, know that this is not the case, and that I fail to do this more often than I would like to admit. This is not an admonishment; it is a level to which I aspire.

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Finding the date of undated materials online

One of the quintessential parts of the student experience is the writing of reports, essays, and articles. As any student will tell you, one of the important things to keep track of when writing, is the source material for any claims you make, which are listed in the reference list at the end, as well as denoted throughout the text.

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Service Management: the importance of the right tool

The first time I worked IT support in a professional setting, I was seventeen years old. I had gotten an internship (one day per week) with my uncle’s firm as part of my third year of vocational training, and spent a day per week with them. In the beginning, I was mostly hanging out with the IT staff, not really providing much of any use to anyone.

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