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A long career ahead

I celebrated my 35th birthday this past week. As I was getting ready for work one morning, I looked into the mirror and realised that – barring some drastic, and highly unrealistic, changes in approaches to retirement – I will likely be part of the work force for (at least) as long as I have presently been alive. Counting my service as a conscript in the Royal Norwegian Navy, I have been part of the workforce for fifteen years, which means that I will have been part of the workforce for a total of (at least) fifty years when I eventually retire.

To some people, that might be a depressing thought. Conversely, I find it exciting and exhilarating. Sure, if I were to work tier one support for the rest of my life, I might get depressed, dejected, and demotivated. That is not my plan – nor is it in the cards, the way I read them – for the future, and so, the prospect of working for another thirty-five years is one filled with promise and potential. A former boss is well-known for saying that “IT workers are merchant travellers in change”, a maxim I have taken to heart.

I have already described some of the ways I am looking to move on in my career, with a pursuit of applying the principles of DevOps both to my current context, and to a broader context. Meanwhile, career mobility has never been greater, and moving from one field to another is also a distinct possibility. Sadly lacking in crystal balls as I am, I must rely on my intuition. I tend to trust my gut feeling, and in this case it is telling me that – regardless of what direction I will move – I will likely continue working in the field of IT.

It is my hope, desire, and intention to continue pursuing management principles, to gain deeper understanding and competency in processes and procedures, and to continue challenging my comfort levels. I may not know exactly what the future will bring, but I do know that I am looking forward to taking charge of the journey.

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