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Who is the typical OU student?

As you may or may not know, I graduated from the Open University with a B.Sc. last year, and attended a frankly pretty amazing graduation ceremony in March. In a conversation just after that, someone asked me “So, who is the typical OU student?” When I simply answered “Yes”, they were a bit confused, and asked me to expand on that.

They didn’t seem to think it was a yes or no question, but clearly, I disagree. The typical OU student is anyone and everyone. The typical OU student is the 16-year-old, taking university-level credits alongside upper secondary school, but they are also the 62-year-old grandmother studying psychology because she wants to.

The typical OU student is the 33-year-old father of two studying ICT and business to further his career, but they are also the eighty-something eternal student working on their nth degree.

We are all the typical OU student, and our diversity is part of what unites us. I have studied with such a varied group of individuals, all bringing their own experiences and input to the discussion, and it has been my absolute pleasure and honor to count myself among their number.

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