Windows 7: Problem Step Recorder

As a support technician, I have often needed to see how a problem occurs, or show someone how to do something, but the person I need info from, or need to teach, is not available so that it can be done face to face, or over the phone.
A lot of my users are getting better at using screendumps, but the screendumps have one major drawback; they are static. They don’t show any sort of detail as to what happens between dumps. The same is true when I create a tutorial for my user; they simply don’t always see every step.
Problem Step Recorder to the rescue. By typing psr.exe in the search box in the Start menu and hitting Enter, PSR is started. From here, simply click “Start Record”, and go through the steps in the resolution or problem.

PSR is simple and efficient, and will be especially helpful to those of us who, from time to time, create tutorials and the like.


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