BitLocker asks for BitLocker Recovery Key at restart

Having gone from Windows XP to Windows 7, we are seeing a rash of new problems. One of these is that a lot of our users are unable to boot into Windows, as they are prompted for a BitLocker Recovery Key. The temporary fix for this is simple enough; look up and tell the user the BitLocker Recovery Key, and have them enter it. Well, I say simple, but the BitLocker Recovery Key is a string of eight segments of six digits, and having to enter this each and every time you reboot gets … tiresome … very quickly.
So, let’s see if we can’t improve on that. There are two methods, the first usually suffices, but sometimes, I’ve had to go for the second. The first solution is as follows:

  1. Open Control Panel - BitLocker Drive Encryption
  2. Click Suspend protection
  3. Once protection has been suspended, click Resume protection

If this doesn’t do the trick, we’ve got to turn BitLocker off, then on again, which takes longer, as the drive is first decrypted, then encrypted. Here’s how:

  1. Open Control Panel - BitLocker Drive Encryption
  2. Click Turn off BitLocker, and then Decrypt the Volume
  3. Once the drive has been decrypted, reboot
  4. After the reboot, go back to BitLocker Drive Encryption, then click Turn on BitLocker



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