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Adding an infobox to your wiki

As you may or may not know, I’m maintaining not one, but two wikis. One of these is my personal website. In both I’ve added an infobox on the right to make some articles stick out. Here’s how it looks:
Wiki Information box
How have I done this you ask? It is really boxes within a box. Let’s go through it line by line. I start with a comment:

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Customizing MediaWiki

Mediawiki is a very good CMS, and the one that I have chosen to use for my website, for various reasons. The most readily obvious reason is that it is simple to use and administer, and that I can add content from wherever I might be in the world.
However, I don’t want anyone to be able to register as a user, nor to be able to edit or post posts. In addition, I wanted to make a few changes. All the changes are done to one out of two files, either LocalSettings.php or MonoBook.php
First off, I changed the page title that shows up