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2017 roundup

As has become my tradition, I am rounding out the year with a retrospective article. The idea stems from many places, but in particular from Steve Jackson, of Steve Jackson Games, and his annual Report to the Stakeholders.

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Changing it up, yet again

I know that it has been a very short time indeed since I last changed the theme, but I have not been completely happy with Latte, either. In particular, the fact that it has too much white space on either side of the posts when viewed on a large monitor has bothered me, but also the size of the header image, neither of which can be changed on Latte.

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Changing it up, again.

Since changing to Alchem back in Q1, there have been a few things that bothered me about it, and I’ve been looking for a replacement for some time now. The other day, I came across this one, called Latte. It does many of the same things that Alchem did, but better.

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Understanding a product revisited

I would like to revisit my thoughts on understanding the product of news outlets. Some time ago, an acquaintance, who works for a news outlet posted a picture of a newspaper article to his Facebook feed, stating that “…this is journalism. You can’t get it on social media – or on blogs for that matter. Journalism at its best is both critical and supportive of society at the same time…”

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Eight years, six months and five hundred posts later

Post number 500 to the blog went by without me noticing it, but I feel it’s worth making note of, as I did when I passed four hundred posts back in October of 2014. For the most part, I’ve been able to keep up a weekly post schedule since then, a fact of which I am fairly proud. It’s been a fun journey for me.

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New theme

For some time, I’ve been unhappy with the theme I have been using, and started looking for something that does not actively remove focus from the content. This is the result. The theme is called “Alchem”, and I’m very happy with how it looks. In particular, I like how it helps me differentiate between views, as well as the functionality it brings to the table, such as infinite scroll, and related posts.

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