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Category: Copyright

Movie Piracy: A look at the effects on revenue

I have written previously about piracy and how to combat it. One thing I haven’t spoken about, is the impact of piracy, mostly because I haven’t been able to find any decent sources on the subject. While I have been certain that the claims made by the industry have been extremely off target, I have not had any good rebuttal to them – that is, until recently.

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Accessibility – the way to combat piracy

Software, music and movie piracy has been a more or less constant topic of discussion over the past ten or so years, usually led by special interest groups representing the three industries (in the U.S., these are the BSA, RIAA and MPAA, respectively). I agree that copyright holders should be paid their due, and have no problem paying for the media I use. The main problem I have with the arguments the copyright holders and their interest groups are using, is that their argument is one for the pre-internet age, when the options available were watching live TV, recording live TV, or buying the show or movie on a cassette or DVD.

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On theft, intellectual property and semantics

I believe strongly in the power of words. They can hurt and heal, and they are our primary mode of communication. When discussing any topic, accuracy is very important, and using accurate and appropriate words for what you mean to describe improves your arguments. By the same token, using words that do not accurately describe what you mean to describe, while possibly an effective rhetorical device, weakens your argument.

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