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An even smaller, cheaper DJI Drone

You may remember that I posted about the DJI Mavic back in October of last year, when it was announced, and that I was excited about both it and the GoPro Karma, which I classified as the contenders for my money. While that assessment was correct, I ended up not buying either. I could simply not justify the cost, and the bulk of the Karma – which was the one I was leaning towards – ultimately made me decide against it, though it seemed to me (and still does) to be the more capable of the two.

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Which camera drone – a look at the changed market

Funny, isn’t it, when a new product, which changes the market arrives, another – from a competing brand – is not far behind? So, too, with camera drones (although I might add that the topic of this discussion came about a fair bit sooner than I had thought). At any rate, following GoPro’s announcement of the Karma drone (which I covered last week), DJi announced their new drone, the Mavic, which is specced and sized to compete in exactly that segment; small drones that easily pack into a backpack. Before I get into it, let me just say that I have not actually interacted with either, but I have read a fair number of articles on either, and base my comments on those.

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