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Reviewed: Tesla Model S part 4: Range

Last year, my wife and I decided it was time to swap out our old car with a newer one. After a lot of discussion, dreaming, and looking for small change in the couch, we landed on ordering a Tesla Model S. This is my thoughts on range after driving it for 2500 kilometers, in conditions from sunny +10 degrees centigrade to snowy -15 degrees centigrade.

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Reviewed: Tesla Model S part 2: Delivery and first impressions

Following on from the ordering and pre-delivery review, here are my first impressions of the Model S. Once the car was off-loaded in Drammen, our DS contacted me, and we settled on a delivery time that suited us. Arriving at the Drammen Service Center, we were greeted by the staff, offered coffee and a seat while our DS finished up with another customer. Our DS handed us over to another associate who handled the handover.

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Electric cars and the Zero emissions claim

A recent development in personal transportation, in particular in Norway, has been the (re-)introduction of electric vehicles. Where electric vehicles used to be either mobility scooters or big, ugly clunkers, they now come in many packages, from the small and nippy, such as Buddy, to the ones that look like, well, a car, such as Teslas offerings. The other day, I passed an electric car, on the side of which proudly proclaimed “Zero emission”. Depending on your perspective and where in the world you are located, the claim can be considered false, plausible or true. Let’s take a look:

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