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Category: Hardware

The Asus Eee 1101H reviewed

I recently decided to get a new laptop. My old laptop was looking like it was going to kick the bucket soon, and I wanted to exchange it sooner, rather than later. I was originally planning to get a high-end Dell, but looking closer at the contents of my wallet, I decided to forego the high-end one for now, and rather go for a cheaper netbook-style computer. In the end, I decided on the Asus Eee 1101H, opting for a large screen and decent specs.

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Fixing a jumpy Synaptics Mousepad

I’ve had a problem with the mousepad on my laptop getting “jumpy”. Whenever I’d use it, and subsequently take my finger off it, it’d jump an inch and a half or so upwards to the right. This was annoying to say the least, and I decided to try and find a solution to it.
I’ve only tested this solution with Synaptics mousepads, and so I can’t vouch for whether it’ll work with others.
What I did to solve the problem, was uninstall the mouse, and reinstall it using the same drivers. Here’s how I prefer doing it: