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Category: iPhone OS

iOS: Make the screen darker than the darkest setting

If you’re like me, your iPhone doesn’t stray far from you at any time, and is on your nightstand during the night. If you’re like me, you might also enjoy reading or something like that before sleep. If you’re like me, you find the darkest setting on the iPhone screen to be a bit too bright, and lights up the entire room. That can be remedied, however, by using the zoom-function without actually zooming in. Here’s how:

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Set default calendar on iOS

I have been a very happy user of iPhone for a long time now. It works great, and it syncs my appointments with my Google Calendar. Lately, though, I’ve needed to put appointments into my calendar while on the go. For some reason, they were not showing up in my Google Calendar. It turned out, that my iPhone was set up to create appointments in the iCloud calendar, not the Google Calendar. Luckily, that is easily remedied. Here’s how:

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What Apple should have changed in iOS 7

With last week’s iteration of Apple’s WWDC, they announced a new version of their mobile device OS, iOS 7, with the focus being on a major redesign, and a move away from skeuomorphism. Now, sure, the redesign looks nifty and all, but you know what? I was pretty happy with the old skeuomorphic design. Changing it, well, I could take it or leave it, really. There are other, more nuts and bolts things that need to change if iOS is to stand a chance in the future. Here’s what I want, in order of priority:

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Creating your own ringtones on iPhone

One of the most annoying things to me as a user, is the fact that I’m not able to assign my music files as ringtones. The “offical” way of adding more ringtones, is by buying them from Apple, however, you can generate them yourself, using your iPhone and a computer. To do so, you need an app that will create the ringtones for you, I use RMakerPro, but you may of course choose whichever you want. Here’s how I do it:

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