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Category: Opinion

My travel caffeine fix

As most anyone who knows me can attest, I love coffee. Most days I start with a cup of coffee of some sort; most often either a pour-over or aeropress. When travelling, and in particular if I’m staying in a rented apartment, rather than in a hotel with breakfast service, I bring the basic equipment to make a few cups of coffee. This sometimes elicits giggles from the security staff at the airport, as it is something that goes in my carry-on, rather than my checked luggage.

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On gender identity and power of definition

Some time ago, one of my friends posted a link to an article called “6 Reasons Why Being Called a Cis Person Is Not ‘Oppressive’“, which made me think. In general, I think that the author is getting things mostly right, but their conclusion seems to me to be off the mark, and badly so. I will freely admit that I am of two minds here. One part of me is “well, cisgender is not hate speech”, whereas the other part is “offense is defined, not by the offender, but by the person who is being offended”. I would like to expand on that.

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How I blog – software

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my process around blogging, and how I get from ideas in my head to finished posts. A reader emailed me, asking what software I use, other than WordPress. The truth is, I don’t use a single piece of software, for a number of reasons. First, different software serve different purposes. Second, not all the software I use run on all platforms (I use both Windows and Mac, as well as using my iPhone for notes. The result is a rather messy collection of software and storage formats:

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Reviewed: Tesla Model S part 7: 15000 kilometers later

Since first picking up the car a year ago, we’ve driven more than 15000 kilometers. Regardless of the season, the car is a joy to drive. Though the rear-wheel drive can be challenging when the roads are snow covered, this is more a question of adapting to the conditions, rather than an actual problem. Likewise, even when conditions are very cold indeed (15 degrees below zero, centigrade) range is only ever a problem if you completely fail to plan (I admit that I have done so once, with the result that I had to stop to charge at a fairly slow charger for an hour to get enough power to get home comfortably). 

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Why I blog – revisited

Back in 2010, I wrote a post called “Why I blog“. All of the things I said six year ago are still true. This is still my personal KB, and I use it on a weekly basis for that very purpose. I was offered both of my last two jobs, in part due to this blog (having documented skills in written communication is literally never a bad thing for a support tech – or anyone filling any role in IT, for that matter), and I still enjoy my soapbox.

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