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Reviewed: Røde SmartLav+

It should be a well established truth that on-board camera microphones are bad to terrible, and on some cameras, for some applications, they are downright useless. A few months ago, I bought a Røde SmartLav+ to take more control over the sound quality of some of my videos. I record sound on my iPhone, and combine the footage with the audio in post production, an editing step that (given software that supports audio-based sync) takes very little time, and which helps solve the issue of poor audio quality.

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Reviewed: Ubiquiti AmplifiHD

We’ve been plagued with spotty wi-fi coverage since we moved to our new home early last year. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that our router is placed next to a concrete wall, which blocks a fair bit of the signal. This meant that the network coverage in the office, downstairs, and on the other side of said wall from the router, had a more or less useless wireless connection.

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Reviewed: Tesla Model S part 7: 15000 kilometers later

Since first picking up the car a year ago, we’ve driven more than 15000 kilometers. Regardless of the season, the car is a joy to drive. Though the rear-wheel drive can be challenging when the roads are snow covered, this is more a question of adapting to the conditions, rather than an actual problem. Likewise, even when conditions are very cold indeed (15 degrees below zero, centigrade) range is only ever a problem if you completely fail to plan (I admit that I have done so once, with the result that I had to stop to charge at a fairly slow charger for an hour to get enough power to get home comfortably). 

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