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Category: Tips & Tricks

Find out what user has a file open

One of the questions that pop up every now and again, yet not often enough for me to consistently remember how to do it, is some variant on “What user is blocking my file access?” A user will typically call in, complaining that they are unable to open/edit/delete a given file on a file share, and ask the support tech they reach to solve the issue.

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Exporting AD group members’ display name

Five years ago, I showed you how to export a list of members of an Active Directory group, using a command line query. One issue I’ve run into using this query, is that I get their user name, not their actual name, which tends to make the resulting list hard to parse. As I had a need to export a relatively large number of group members names as part of a recent ticket, I needed a solution that gave me what I wanted straight out of the box.

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Turning on notifications for Facebook posts

I use Facebook for many things. One of those things is to take advantage of the internet hivemind, and get opinions and recommendations for any number of things, from what tech to get, to where to eat. One thing that annoys me a lot, is when someone posts something irrelevant, just so that they can follow the conversation. If memory serves, it used to be that you had to post something – anything – in order to get notifications of what happened in a thread, and it is from this that the practice stems.

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Unmark videos as watched on YouTube

As I’ve made pretty clear, I’m – among many other things – a YouTuber. I have two YouTube channels, and watch a fair amount of content put out by other creators, too. Whenever I come across a video that seems interesting, I add it to my Watch Later queue, so that I can view it at my leisure. From time to time, I use the “Remove Watched” feature, to remove watched videos from my Watch Later queue in bulk, instead of having to remove them manually.

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Finding the date of undated materials online

One of the quintessential parts of the student experience is the writing of reports, essays, and articles. As any student will tell you, one of the important things to keep track of when writing, is the source material for any claims you make, which are listed in the reference list at the end, as well as denoted throughout the text.

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Understanding bookings in Outlook

I’ve been seeing a surprising number of tickets from users asking why they are seeing double bookings of meeting rooms of late. In each and every case, the issue has boiled down to one of user error, with users not knowing or understanding how meeting invitations work in Outlook. This was a source of confusion to me, until a user put it as follows:

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Linking to a specific time in the description of a YouTube video

As you may have gathered at this point, I’m – among many other things – a YouTuber. While most of my videos are fairly simple, some of them benefit from having a table of contents (complete with clickable links) in the description. When I first came across the need to do so, I spent a fair amount of time searching, before I finally found out how to do it.

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Turn off Facebook pop-up tabs

A while back, Facebook introduced a feature where posts would pop up in your browser window if people respond to you. Now, I can certainly see how it is a useful feature to have, both for Facebook – it increases engagement with posts – and for users – you don’t have to leave the news feed to continue interacting. That said, I don’t like it. I would rather leave the news feed and go into a specific post if I want to follow up.

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Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone

This article was been published more than a year ago. The information may be outdated.

I’ve had an Apple Watch for some time now, and am a very happy user. Being fairly security and privacy conscious, I immediately set it up with a pin code, meaning that it locks when I take it off, and prompts me for a pin code when I try to access it. This is a very nice feature, and one which I haven’t really seen too much of, due to another feature which unlocks the Apple Watch when unlocking your iPhone. It was either on by default, or I set it up when setting up the Apple Watch. Either way, if you want to change this setting one way or another, here’s how:

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