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No-win scenarios are a part of life

I have been a fan of Star Trek since I first saw “Encounter at Farpoint” something like thirty years ago. The combination of curiosity, science fiction, and a society to which I believe we would do well to aspire genuinely makes me happy. Although I wouldn’t claim that all of Trek is good (but rather that there is a fair amount of schlock in Trek), I enjoy it a lot.

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AD: Change UPN

Depending on how things are being run, you may need to change the UPN (User Principal Name) of individual users in your Active Directory. One reason for doing so is to use a hybrid local/Azure AD setup, where users use their email address for logging on to Azure, but their ordinary username to log on to the local domain. At any rate, here’s how to change the UPN of an individual user in Microsoft Active Directory:

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Easy service monitoring

One of the things that is stressed in the DevOps Handbook, is the need for telemetry, or monitoring of services. For services you run on your own infrastructure, there are several tools that can be used for this, such as SCOM, Zabbix, and Splunk. When you don’t have an infrastructure that supports these tools, however, you need to find a different approach.

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Change password in a remote desktop session

Most Windows users will be familiar with using Ctrl+Alt+Del to change their password on a local computer, and that works well for that purpose. However, that command is not forwarded to a computer to which you are connected remotely, as it triggers locally. So how, then, can we prompt a change of our password without waiting for it to expire?

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