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On gender identity and power of definition

Some time ago, one of my friends posted a link to an article called “6 Reasons Why Being Called a Cis Person Is Not ‘Oppressive’“, which made me think. In general, I think that the author is getting things mostly right, but their conclusion seems to me to be off the mark, and badly so. I will freely admit that I am of two minds here. One part of me is “well, cisgender is not hate speech”, whereas the other part is “offense is defined, not by the offender, but by the person who is being offended”. I would like to expand on that.

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Countering a YouTube copyright claim

When I edit videos, I keep meticulous notes on where any third party content comes from, and note it in the description of my video. Even so, I have had copyright claims made against my videos, mostly regarding the music I use. These claims can be obnoxious, though I don’t necessarily agree that there’s any merit to claims that they are scams. At any rate, when a claim is made, you need to file a dispute, detailing where the music is sourced from.

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Transferring notes from GMail to Google Keep

While I have a number of software tools that I use and like, I do like trying out alternatives. Sometimes the alternatives supercede the tool I used to use, sometimes I revert to the old tool, and sometimes I go forward using both. Back in November, I started using Google Keep, wanting to see if it did what I needed it for. The first thing I noticed, was that there was no way for me to import stuff from my GMail, where a number of my notes were stored. Luckily, the internet had the answer – simply install a plugin in Google Chrome and run the import. Here are the detailed instructions, by Jimmy Patrick on Quora:

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How I blog – software

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my process around blogging, and how I get from ideas in my head to finished posts. A reader emailed me, asking what software I use, other than WordPress. The truth is, I don’t use a single piece of software, for a number of reasons. First, different software serve different purposes. Second, not all the software I use run on all platforms (I use both Windows and Mac, as well as using my iPhone for notes. The result is a rather messy collection of software and storage formats:

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