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Why I blog – revisited

Back in 2010, I wrote a post called “Why I blog“. All of the things I said six year ago are still true. This is still my personal KB, and I use it on a weekly basis for that very purpose. I was offered both of my last two jobs, in part due to this blog (having documented skills in written communication is literally never a bad thing for a support tech – or anyone filling any role in IT, for that matter), and I still enjoy my soapbox.

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Active Directory: Accessing the Attribute Editor

A month or so ago, I was asked to find a specific attribute (objectGUID, in case you wondered) of a group in Active Directory, for use in some third-party system. Thinking that this would be easily accomplished, I opened my Active Directory Users and Computers-window, and found the group in question. I opened the properties, but found the Attribute Editor tab sorely missing:

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Apple Numbers: Controlling rounding

While I use Excel at work, I tend to use Numbers (part of the Apple Productivity Apps suite) at home. I have sheets that do a number of different things, most of them rife with macros and automatic functions. From time to time, I need to ensure that the result of a function either overstates or understates a result. This cannot be achieved when using the SUM function, so a different function must be used. Luckily, Numbers provides you three functions to achieve just this (as, I would assume, does Excel). They are called ROUND, ROUNDDOWN and ROUNDUP. Their syntax are the same:

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When in doubt, reboot

A common occurrence when contacting IT support, is that you are requested to reboot the computer, to see if that helps. From time to time, users are reluctant – or even unwilling – to do so, and ask why. The reason is very simple; experience has shown me, and many other IT professionals, that reboots help. Here’s a few examples from a single day at work: Continue reading When in doubt, reboot

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