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Lotus Notes: Resolve "Type mismatch" error

I recently had a user call inn to report that whenever she tried to delete an invitation to a meeting, she got this error:

The invitation in question would get an X beside it, and delete when she refreshed her screen.
The solution is luckily simpler than the error message could lead us to believe; a simple change to the preferences is all that is needed:

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Read your GMail while offline

In a previous post, I talked about Google Gears. Now, let’s take a look at a practical application. First, the developers at Google brought us the next big thing in web-based email. Now, they are bringing a way to take it offline.
Bear in mind, Offline is a GMail Labs feature, so it is wont to be a bit unstable for now. That being said, here’s how to enable the feature:

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Lotus Notes: Resolving "File truncated – file may have been damaged" errors

The error message “File truncated – file may have been damaged” is most often seen server-side, but every once in a while it will turn up on client computers, especially where Notes is installed on a network share (not a good idea) and synchronised to the local machine through offline folders.