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Disabling IPv6 or running IPv6/IPv4

If you’re running Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 with DHCP, you’ll be likely to encounter problems if you don’t set up IPv6 properly. The fix is of course to set up IPv6 properly on the server, but there are a few workarounds if you can’t do that. You can’t uninstall IPv6, but you can, among others disable it, or configure it at will.
To disable it, clear the Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) check box in the properties of a network connection. You can also configure it a bit more than that. What you need to do is create a registry key and set it properly. Here’s how:

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Ubuntu: Reinstalling MadWifi

I’ve been having some problems connecting my EeePC to wireless networks of late. The problem was that it didn’t detect available wireless networks, nor did it connect to the ones I’d already defined.
It runs Ubuntu 8.04, and I originally had to fuss around a bit to get the Atheros WLAN card to work. After reading more than a few forum posts, I found that reinstalling MadWifi most likely would fix the problem. The fix is done solely in the command line shell. I ran the following commands, in succession:

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