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Disabling Caps Lock – Ubuntu

Whenever I get a new keyboard for my desktop computers, the first thing I do is remove the Caps Lock key. It’s a useful key to be sure, but I dislike it. It’s much better in my mind to use the Shift key. As a result, I have been looking for a way to disable it, which I knew was possible in Linux at the very least.
I don’t know if this fix works in other distros than Ubuntu, though I don’t see why it shouldn’t. Here’s how to do it:

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Installing Uplink on Ubuntu Linux

Uplink is a really fun game that I’ve played on and off over the years. Having gotten my Ubuntu-computer up and running, I felt it would only be natural to pick it back up. Installing it isn’t as straightforward as in Windows though, as I quickly realized. This is how it’s done:
First, you need to get a library called GTK 1.2 To get this, run this command:

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Resolving problems with GMail Notifier when you’ve set GMail default to HTTPS

If you’ve fixed the security problem described in my last post, you might have noticed that the GMail Notifier no longer works. It seems Google have also seen this problem occur, and they’ve even made a patch for it. Here’s how to get it, and how to apply it. Happy patching!

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Stoppering GMail’s default security problem

At this year’s DefCon, a security problem inherent to the default settings in GMail was unveiled. The problem is that, by default, GMail does not use encrypted sessions.
This can be a problem if you use public computers, because the session key might be retrievable. With the session key in hand, access is apparently simple enough to gain.
Luckily, this is simply corrected. Here’s how:

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WLAN problems after Windows Update

I’ve been seeing a problem lately with a few computers. After installing the latest security updates, their WLAN card stops working. It is unable to acquire a dynamic IP address from any router, and setting a static IP address does not work either.
The cause
The cause of the problem is a Microsoft recommended hotfix, (815485). The hotfix is part of an optional, though recommended update to Windows XP.
The solution
Resolving this problem can be done in one out of two ways, either by uninstalling the specific hotfix, or by rolling back to a previous system restore point.
Uninstalling the hotfix: