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Firefox – Displaying saved passwords

One of the pracctical functions in Firefox is the option to save passwords. This also has a backward function, in that you can find out what your saved password is. To do so, simply go to the login-page in question. Then right-click the site and select View Page Info. Go to the Security-tab and find the button View saved passwords. Then click the button View passwords to see all saved passwords.
Now, as I’m sure I’m not the only paranoid browser around, here’s how to set a master password to protect your saved passwords:

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Firefox – Change the close-button for tabs

There has been so many discussions about where to place the close-buttons for tabs that Mozilla has created a config key for this specific option.
To access the key, open a new tab, enter about:config then press enter. In the filter search for browser.tabs.closeButtons. Change this value according to your choice and the following table:

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Unetbootin – Run Linux from a USB thumb-drive

Many of you will be familiar of the concept of Linux Live CDs. For those of you who are not, I’ll say this: Most Linux distros are these days installed using a Live CD. You enter the CD into the CD-ROM drive, start the computer, and there you go. Your computer boots from the CD, and your are, effectively running Linux. From there, you can try out the distro, and install it if you want to.
Unetbootin is a program that lets you do the same, only with a USB thumb-drive. The point is that not all computers have a CD-ROM-drive, but most have a USB-port. You simply plug in the thumb-drive, and there you go,
Unetbootin supports the following distributions of Linux and BSD:

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