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Syncronising Lotus Notes Calendar with Google Calendar

At work, I use IBM’s Lotus Notes as my primary email and calendar client. It works well enough, but there are some issues. My main problem with it though, is that syncronising calendar data with Google Calendar is nigh on impossible, at least out of the box.
Finding this annoying, I talked to a colleague of mine, and asked him if he had any clues as to third party software that could solve my problem. The answer he came up with turned out to be the very thing I’d been looking for. The app is made by a company called CompanionLink Software, and is called Companionlink for Google.
The program is available as a 14 day free evaluation, after that it costs $29,95. Frankly, just under 30 bucks for this piece of software is pretty cheap. It is easy to use, and it just works.
CompanionLink supports the following PIMs:

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Blogger – displaying the latest comments gadget

From time to time, people comment on my blogposts (you may too by the way, just click the “# COMMENTS” link below to comment on this post), and at times they even comment on very old blogposts, such as this one, dated September 14th, 2007. The problem with this is that unless you actually read the post in question, you’re not likely to know that the comment was made.
What I wanted to do, then, was add a gadget to the sidebar, displaying the last five or so comments that were made. As it turns out, this was simpler than I’d expected. Here’s how:


Opera revisited

It’s been a while since I last wrote of my trying out Opera. Since then, my tech-savvy friend has taken it upon himself to bring me into the light. A calm evening of beer and pizza quickly turned into just that, with the addendum of him prodding me to use Opera in no uncertain terms. Indeed, so much so that he convinced me to download and install Opera to my EeePC so that I could see the marvels of Opera in all their splendour.


Quick Heal PCTuner – reviewed

One of a few things I do on my spare time is review software. The last piece of software I reviewed is called PCTuner, marketed by a company called QuickHeal. Marketed as a simple solution to the classic problem of a computer getting slower with time, it is said to “…cleans and optimizes your PC safely and automatically. It also protects your privacy by cleaning various common application traces.”
Installing it is now hassle, a simple “next”, “next”, “accept” and “install” routine is implemented as with most other software installs. Similarly, it is simple to use, with at most three clicks to perform any task. Here is what the main window looks like:
PCTuner Main Window
Here are the features, as presented by QuickHeal:

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