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Returning to Android

I’ve been a very happy iPhone user since I bought my first one back in 2011, when I replaced an Android phone with which I had neither been happy nor impressed. I have had a number of iPhones, each with more capabilities than the last, and am currently using an iPhone 7, with which I am very happy, and which ties in nicely with my setup at home and on the go, as I use a Mac, an Apple Watch, and Apple Airpods.

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Platform agnosticism and my preferred platform

The debate over ones preferred platform has for a very long time felt more like a religous discussion more than anything else. Whether it’s PC vs. Mac, iOS vs. Android, or Windows vs. Linux, proponents of the various platforms tend towards an almost religious level of zeal for their preferred platform, and against the other platform.

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BGG apps for Android – a review

Note: I’ve been a BoardGameGeek user for a few years now, but only after I got my first Android phone did I really start using the features the site has to offer, as I got an app that uses its API. These tests have been performed on an HTC Desire, running Android 2.2 (Froyo).
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At the moment, there are two apps for BoardGameGeek available for Android phones. One is called BoardGameGeek, and is developed by Dennis Bond, the other is called BGG Mobile, developed by Skulupus.

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